Oh My!

I have heartbeatto admit this – I’m nervous.  Oh yes, I can raise a puppy.  I have 2 wonderful girls.

But this isn’t just any puppy; this puppy will become a lifeline for one our veterans.  It’s ok that my girls run from the vacuum; Kira has to learn to accept that.  It’s ok that my girls bark at neighborhood cats; Kira has to learn to ignore them.  There’s so many things that I allow my girls to do because “that’s just what dogs do, ” but Kira isn’t just any dog.  She’s a service dog.  She will hopefully become the companion that gives these veterans a new life.

This article is the one that stuck with me the most when First Coast News was doing their Operation Orion drive last year.  9 months has approximately 273 days.  This just blew me away:  “Massingill says on the second night with Dozer, the dog awakened him from a nightmare. After that, Massingill says he had “246-248 nightmares and he woke me up from 224-226 of them.””1397835807000-OperationOrion

Skeptical veteran runs 9 month experiment with service dog

I know, I know.  I’ll be fine, and Kira will be great.  That doesn’t mean, though, that I don’t feel the responsibility of this journey.  Kira is my first, and hopefully, not my last.  As all actors, musicians, artists know … nerves are a good thing.  They keep us on our toes.

Kira comes home with me either tomorrow or Tuesday.  The time is almost here.  I’ll be ready.


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