Finishing Our Second Week

In the truck, taking up the whole seat.

Wow.  When I was ready to start the blog, I thought, “Ok.  Finished week 3.”  Then, I checked the previous blog and thought, “Wow!  It’s really only been 2 weeks???”  Sure feels like at least 3 …. in a good way.  Like she’s always been here.

Bella had more adventures this past week.  She gained a few pounds, got a little taller (not so chubby now), got a little more confident, visited Camp K9 for a shot, went to her first bar and then first restaurant, accompanied Diva to the specialist, went swimming (and met her Aunt Teri and cousin Coda), visited PetSmart (!!!!) and had her regular trips to stores like Publix or Walmart.

Time out in public always gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the help these dogs can give to our veterans suffering with PTSD.  In fact, Bella may have recruited 2 new puppy raisers for K9s For Warriors.  Go, Bella!

Here’s a video clip that a veteran wrote to his dog.  Warning, get the tissues.
Dear Captain

And now for our pictorial week in review….

Blog5_3  Blog5_4
Bella with Diva at the specialists appointment


In the restaurant at Olivia’s 40th Birthday Party


Blog5_8  Blog5_9
Took her vest off so she could socialize.  Joseph picked her up and was completely smitten.  He’s sent in his application to be a puppy raiser!!!  


A rare moment when she is on my lap since that is Midget’s
spot.  She blocks the TV well.


After getting her shots at Camp K9.  “Momma those stairs
are steep, and there’s a lot of loud dogs down there.”
Yes, I carried her.


Blog5_13  Blog5_14
“This is HEAVEN, Momma!!!”


Blog5_5  Blog5_6
Being a goofball.  She wanted to be in the front seat with Diva, but didn’t mind squishing her face.


Blog5_1  Blog5_2
Midget tolerates her as Bella wants to be buddies so badly.


“This is how you get the humans to rub the belly, ” Midget
says. My bed seems to be neutral ground where they’ll play.


A rare quiet moment on the bed…..






4 thoughts on “Finishing Our Second Week

  1. Wow! You are doing a great job Susan! Bella is so lucky to have you as her foster mom. Looking forward to reading all about this wonderful journey. You are getting her off to such a good start, I know she will make us all so proud on graduation day. ❤️🐾❤️


  2. Wonderful blog! Don’t forget that I am a foster and puppy sitter for K9s for Warriors and available for puppy-sitting Bella if you need to get away.


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