Week 4 – New Adventures

Before we start our Week 4 adventures, a couple more photos from Week 3.  Taken by my friend, the talented photographer Kristen, who is also a puppy raiser for  K9s For Warriors. The featured photo at the top of the blog is from last Sunday’s event at Palencia, as are these two photos.

023        022



Bella started the week with her first (but certainly not her last) visit to Julie’s Cafe for breakfast.  Maged, the owner, didn’t see me walk in, but as soon as he realized I had a pup with me, he immediately leaned over the counter with a , “Let me see her!”  Then his short-order cook told that her boyfriend has PTSD from being over seas in the military but won’t seek help.  I encouraged her to
encourage him to contact KFW.



Bella also had her first trip to the beach and playing in the ocean.  Once we were on the beach, I switched Bella and Dakotah to long, nylon ropes that had a little stretch in them.  They were attached to a leash so I could hold them both with one hand.  For safety, Dakotah’s was a little bit shorter because she would slow up/stop before hitting the end of the rope, where Bella is clueless to that right now.  Bella, however, wouldn’t run past Dakotah.  They chased each other and played. (Some photos aren’t that great because I forgot to change the aperture setting from a previous shoot.)

Momma, this is fun!
Where Midget goes, Bella goes.
“If I can get her tail, I can slow her down!”
Wet and dirty, but happy!


We ended the week with a visit to Veterans United Craft Brewery where 4 Freedom Apparel  joined in a benefit for KFW.  I’d never been there.  Heck, I had no idea there was a bar or anything back where this was located.  (It was more like a clubhouse for veterans and craft brews.)  But, the place was PACKED!  It was nice to see a couple other puppies in the program, as well as 2 service dogs.  Talked to a number of people about KFW … Bella is a GREAT conversation starter.  Let folks know that there are a lot of volunteer opportunities;  you don’t have to raise puppies to volunteer.  (Check out their website if you haven’t already!)


Some pics from the event.

Bella’s future …the next step in training.
Harbaugh.  A beautiful Dane, Ridgeback, Hound mix.  7 months old.
Bella gets a hug from Harbaugh.  With that massive paw, Bella looks tiny!

The event completely tuckered her out!

The rest of the pics (and a video at the bottom) from Week 4.


Where Midget goes, Bella goes.
Momma, I want them ALL!
Bella and her hedgehog in my office at work.
15 weeks old; 30.6 lbs.  She’s almost as big as Midget.
When you want to be lazy in the recliner early on a Sunday morning, the pups have to join you.  It wasn’t uncomfortable.


Short video of Midget and Bella playing.


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