Week 5 – Quiet!

Week 5.  Finally, we had a quiet week. No major outings; no major changes or training.  And that beautiful drawing to start this week’s blog?  That’s by Beth Wardlaw of Fitts & Friends.  She’s in talks with K9s For Warriors to find a way for Fitts & Friends to help!

This pic is a breakthrough on multiple levels.  My cat, Durdles, was on the couch when Bella jumped up.  She (Bella) didn’t move towards Durdles; she just lay on her pillow.  Durdles lasted maybe a minute or two before the proximity was too close and she had to get down.  But, no hissing!!!


On Tuesday, when we stopped in Julie’s to pick up breakfast, I heard Maged explaining to someone why Bella could be there. Found it interesting that they waited until we were walking out the door to complain. (The way he was explaining, it was a complaint.) Wish they’d said something while we were still by the bar!

Friday, Bella attended DA’s benefit for Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids at Mudville Grill. While she was like a toddler who missed her nap, she was very good concerning the music and applause. Her only reaction seemed to be, “Are they applauding for me?” She did get some major loving from folks.





She’s not reactive to many things. Standing by the A/C unit behind our building at work, it kicked on. I jumped a little; she jumped a little. Then she sniffed it and went about her business.

Next week is her next round of puppy shots and more socialization.

Before we get to photos from the week, take a few minutes and watch this interview with K9s For Warriors graduate Captain Jason Haag (RET.) and his service dog Axel (American Humane Association’s Service Dog of the Year) on Fox & Friends.


Week 5 – Pictorial Review

Those paws!!!




What big sister does, puppy does!






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