Week 6 – SOP

Week 6.  The days and activities are becoming repeats of the previous week.  Go to Publix; go to Lowes / Home Depot; some place for lunch, etc.  Our focus recently has been getting Bella not to act like a canon ball when she sees people.  She will put you on your butt if you’re not prepared for her launching herself at you.  Lots of standing on her leash while people say hi and pet her.  And while she’s stubborn, she will stop trying then sit and look at me as if to say, “Ok.  I’m being good.  Now can I kiss them all over?”

Playing in my office
Sleeping under my desk.  She’s growing to where I have a hard time figuring out where to put my feet!


Victory, Anatole and Bella

This past Saturday, we had an event at the Mandarin Arts & Farmers Market.  Victory, Anatole and Bella were the K9s representing KFW that morning.  I don’t know how much we received in donations, but I know I talked to a number of people especially with it being a small market. (Less than 20 vendors?)

It was good training time too, trying to get Bella to behave around the other dogs.

Bella and Victory

One of the most common questions that I’ve heard in my short time voluteering for KFW is “I’d like to help but I can’t raise a puppy!”  There are various ways to help, even some that involve only time and not money.  Volunteers help out at Camp K9, walking the dogs and other things.  Also, if you like to cook, you can get on the list to provide a home cooked meal to the veterans who are there training with their dogs.  Check out the website to find out how you can help!


Couple More Event Photos

Bella and Anatole.  In my mind they’re singing “The Song That Goes Like This” from Spamalot.  “I’ll sing it in your face while we both embrace….”
Getting some ice from Joseph!
Getting 3 puppies to sit for a photo is like herding cats!
Finally!  All with their butts on the ground, with a little help from their ‘parents’.
Sleepy after representing KFW at the Mandarin Arts & Farmers Market


The other big outing in Bella’s week was her very first Tony Awards!!!   My friends at The 5 & Dime Theatre organized an event at Sun Ray Cinema in 5 Points so we could be together (over 100 people) and watch the Tony’s on the BIG SCREEN.  Bella got to make a lot of new friends (and had her leash stood on a lot)!

Bella and I on the black carpet for the awards!  


A little awwww.  Sound asleep in the recliner next to me.



Bella LOVES her food.  This clip is dark but cute.  Since it’s only 3 seconds long, I set it to repeat once.  She does her puppy version of a pirouette.



Finally a clip about KFW.






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