4 Months Old!

Week 7 – Happy Birthday Bella!!!  

4 months old.  Her weigh in a couple days after her 4 month birthday put her at 36 pounds, so she’s well on her way of meeting the minimum size standards to be a service dog.

She’s been a challenge lately.  Hard headed and wanted to do things her way.  Fortunately, our friend Elaine has given us some sound advise on overcoming puppy challenges.  Bella’s lucky to have a talented lady in her corner helping out her foster momma!

She received her official K9s For Warriors ID card.  On the back, it has information concerning the American Disabilities Act.  We’ve been fortunate to have been greeted only with acceptance and thanks at the public places we’ve visited.




After some nice rain, the grass at work was great for some impromptu photos.  Bella found a stick that she thought would be a good prop.  🙂  Unfortunately, she would not believe that the stick was only an outside toy (and not for long); she would go to the back door at work to go out only to get the stick.

I’ll keep this stick and call him “Charles.”
Charles the Stick makes me happy!
Those long legs that she’ll be growing into!


On Wednesday, we had dinner with our friend Evan at Chili’s in Fleming Island.  Many of the staff came over to see her and talk to Evan and I, as well as some customers.  Bella was not on her best behavior, even barking a couple of times because she didn’t like being confined to our table.

Waiting for someone to come say hello to her.
Asleep with her head up on the way home.


Thursday, she spent the morning at Camp K9 so she could get her rabies shot.  When we got to Camp K9, we were immediately reminded of the horrific events that happened the previous weekend in Orlando.  The flag continued to fly at half-mast.  The staff said she was great, and on the way out, we happened to bump into Beth of Fitts and Friends!

Sobering reminder….
Fitts & Friends supports K9s For Warriors!


I’ve learned that Bella doesn’t like heat, and we’ve had some horrible heat here in NE Florida.  You can call her spoiled – I created a little tent of the windshield shades to keep the sun from heating up that beautiful black coat.

Staying cool in the FL heat!

Saturday found us at World Golf Villiage by their IMax theater for our monthly Puppy Raisers and Fosters class.  Bella did fairly well.  Barbara, our group leader, had the older dogs go into a down-stay, then had the puppies (with their handlers) walk figure eights through them.  The goal was to have all dogs ignore the other dogs.  With a treat in my left hand, Bella was able to keep her focus on me and not on her classmate.  Then we went inside the cafe for soft drinks and conversation.  Another test for the dogs to behave while we were also trying to behave.  LOL

Working in the breezeway
Rocco and Anatole
See Momma, I can be good!
Bella and Anatole


Early in the week, we noticed that some front teeth were missing.  Her baby teeth are coming out (haven’t found any), and permanents are starting to push through!




Finally, Bella and Durdles (my cat) have come a long way in 7 weeks.  Oh Durdles will still hiss and smack at her, and Bella will pounce just a little too hard.  But when it comes to breakfast or supper, focus is on The Momma!!  (While writing this today, I did see Bella come up to Durdles and nose her without Durdles hissing or smacking her.  That’s real progress.)

The whole gang waiting for breakfast!
Peace treaty for food!



Finally, looking into Bella’s future, a couple of photos from Dog Bless You‘s FB page.


“Lean on Me.”
Maverick taking care of his Warrior Scott
after a long day of training at K9s For Warriors.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads out there!
Photo of Wilco and David by K9s For Warriors.


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