Growth Spurt!

Week 8 was a busy week for Bella!  Visits with friends, days in the office, restaurants and oh yeah, she grew!  Wednesday is weigh day, and between Week 7 Wednesday and Week 8 Wednesday, Bella gained 3 pounds!!  She’s a whopping 39.2 pounds just a week after her 4 month birthday.  Grow, Bella, Grow!

She’s also maturing.  This past week was the first time that she didn’t go to sleep right away once I started driving.  For the past 4 days, she has stayed sitting up and watching.



On Tuesday, we visited Maria for some dogs games that are a part of Dognition’s evaluation.  Bella is really too young for these, but we gave it a try anyway.  One game that Bella excelled at was eye contact with me.  This is what the profile said about Bella. Sounds like she’s perfect for a service dog.  “THE PROTODOG IS REMINISCENT OF THE FIRST DOGS THAT BEGAN THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH EARLY MANKIND- BURGEONING SOCIAL SKILLS THAT ALLOWED DOGS LIKE YOURS TO BECOME A MUCH LOVED MEMBER OF THE HUMAN PACK. Thousands of years ago, when our human and canine ancestors first began their extraordinary relationship, there was something about certain types of wolves that distinguished them from the rest of the pack. Rather than a traditional form of intelligence, these pioneer dogs, or protodogs, had budding social skills that allowed them to approach and interact with humans. Bella is reminiscent of these first dogs. Independent problem solving may not be a strong suit, but she has what counts – a desire to communicate and connect with you.”

Hanging out at Maria’s!


Wednesday evening, we joined Elaine in her class in Fleming Island.  Since Bella has completed her puppy shots, we’re ok being around the other dogs.  For the most part, though, they don’t interact.  What a great place to teach Bella to start to learn to ignore the other dogs, plus it gives me a refresher on obedience training.  Elaine is an awesome instructor and let’s Bella attend for free because she is going to be a service dog.  We use only the approved K9s For Warriors commands.  Bella was the teacher’s assistant on Wednesday.  I don’t know what treat’s Elaine was using, but boy oh boy, Bella wanted some!!!


Down, from a standing position.

She spent 3 days in the office with me.  She loves playing with Brett.  Keith and Kathryn are good at making sure she behaves.  She’s even learned not to jump on Keith!

Playing with Brett
Chewing on my chair
Getting caught chewing on my chair


We took a trip to Publix at noon on Sunday, a trip was more for training than shopping.  She received a lot of looks and smiles.  One lady stopped to talk to us; said she had raised Labs.  I put a bug in her ear about donating one of the next litter.  (Never hurts to mention it.)  Then later, a Mom and 2 boys asked us how old she was, said they had a bet going.  Mom had guessed 5 months, so she won the bet.  I let the boys “make a friend” with her individually, and we talked about what her job was going to be when she grew up.  Come to find out, their father is currently overseas with the Navy.  🙂

Working it in Publix


Random Photos from Week 8

Sitting with Midget in Momma’s recliner
Sharing Momma’s lap with Midget
Really wishing Momma would give ma a bite of pizza at The Loop
Sleeping in the truck, head on Momma’s lap
Quit taking pictures and give us cookies!!!
Needed to hold onto Momma’s arm on the way home from her work
I love you bowl, especially when you’re full of food.  You’re empty, but I still love you.



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