Week 9

Week 9 has been quiet on the Bella front.  The usual socializationing – Grocery store, work, restaurants.  After the previous week’s growth spurt, she was back to her usual 1 lb / 1.5 lb weight increase.

Before Week 9’s photos, please take a moment to view K9s for Warriors 2016 PSA.  Really powerful.


At work, we sometimes call Bella “Gizmo” because of the stripe she has along the top of her head.  It’s still black, but the hair is different in texture.

The “Gizmo” Stripe


Chillin’ while we wait for our ride from Tire Kingdom.
Must inspect the ear before enjoying the ear.
The hedgehog is her fav toy at work.
Tried to get a complete family photo, but Durdles (cat) would not be still long enough.  It’s pretty realistic though.
Learning to behave at Longhorn.  Took her bath mat in with us, hoping to give her a “place” that was hers.  Um, worked only until she got tired.
Too much excitement at Longhorn.
She really has trouble relaxing.  NOT!  (Yes, at Longhorn.)
Now that Diva has been given medical clearance to play, Bella is happy to accommodate!
My girls do not choose to sleep in the recliner.  Bella, however, jumps in it shortly after I get up.



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