Week 12

pc169 i love my attitude problemSo during Week 11, Bella turned 5 months old.  Right on the heels of that, she has developed an ATTITUDE.  Barking at me when I tell her to come; starting to test my dominance.  What she doesn’t realize yet is that always win.  But, the challenge of puppy raising just went up substantially.  Fortunately, I have a lot of reinforcements in my corner.  We’ll get through this phase; it’s all a part of puppy-hood.  Oh, and I will win.  🙂

Speaking of “reinforcements,” other than the weekly photos at the end of the blog, I’m dedicating this week’s post to the new documentary REINFORCEMENTS.  We all have reinforcements in our lives, people who’ve “got our back.”  Friends, family, organizations.  For our veterans, they have each other’s back and K9s For Warriors has their back too.Reinforcement



On Thursday, Bella and I along with other volunteers for K9s For Warriors had the privilege to see a private screening of the new short documentary REINFORCEMENTS.  Bella was great while we were in the bar (don’t know what that says), but in San Marco Theater she got a little mouthy because she was bored.  She’s still a puppy; we’ll work that out.

The documentary, which is currently doing the film festival circuit, is beautifully done.  It follows Army veteran Joe Swoboda and his service dog Lilly as he takes a road trip with fellow Army veteran Travis Davis.  They meet in DC at Arlington National Cemetery (queue need for tissues), drive to Louisville, KY, home of Early Time Whisky, then onto Macon, GA and finally to Camp K9 in Ponte Vedra, FL.  Over 2,000 miles – 2 veterans and a dog in a pickup truck.  Sounds like a theme for a country song, eh?

The red carpet party was held at Grape and Grain Exchange in San Marco (a neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL).  The folks at Grape and Grain would not have been any nicer or more welcoming to us.  And all the folks from Brown-Forman, distributor of Early Times Whisky, were so friendly and welcoming.  2 ladies were offering shots of Early Times; they had another lady running the dog-tag engraver where we could get custom dog tags made with whatever we wanted engraved on them; and there was good, southern bar-be-que to complement the shots and drinks.  (No worries; everyone was very responsible.)

Around 5:30, we all wandered across the street to the San Marco Theater to view the film.  Joe Swoboda and Lilly were at the event, and Joe spoke afterwards.  I honestly don’t remember what he said except how he started.  “If real men cry, then I’m a real man!”  I’m not going to go into the details of the film.  You can read about it through the links provided below, and it will be available to watch online after the first of the year.  You know I’ll be posting that link!!!  Suffice to say that you’ll need tissues for the good tears.

Joe graciously spoke with every one who wanted to talk with him.  There was another veteran who was a K9s For Warriors graduate there.  I don’t remember his name, but of course I remember his dog’s name – Dell.  I told Bella to watch Dell because that was her future.  (Dell is a beautiful black lab.)

Before we get to all the links and video clips, Army veteran Travis Davis, who rode with Joe and Lilly on their road trip to Ponte Vedra, will be a Camp K9 Warrior.  At the time of the filming, he’d turned in his application.  I checked the website to see if he was listed as a graduate, but don’t see him.  Maybe that’s good because I had a dream that he was paired with Bella.  Wouldn’t that just be a story come full circle?!?!?!!!

One last thing – Bella won the whisky barrel dog house!  (Pics are below.)


REINFORCEMENTS documentary trailer


WLKY Channel 32 in Louisville, KY.
News segment about the documentary.


WLKY News Page about the premier

Business Wire Article

904 Happy Photos

Drank a few of these at the premier.
Needless to say, I will be buying Early Times instead of Wild Turkey.
I’ve never been one to be able to do shots.  Typically, it doesn’t want to stay down.
But Early Times was so smooth…. problem solved!




Premier Night!



Roll Out The Barrel

That night at Grapes and Grain, I joked that the cat was going to
take ownership of the whisky barrel dog house.  They put a door on 

the front making it too small for the dogs.  
Sure enough, Durdles likes it.


Random photos



Pic of the Week!
Momma, I know that trachea is for me….




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