Week 13 – Lazy Week

Bella had a slow, lazy week in Week 13.  It was, however, a short week for the blog as on Friday night, she started her vacation over at Macho’s place with his puppy raiser momma, Kristen, while this puppy raiser went out of town for a few days.  Next week Kristen will hopefully be a guest blogger and tell us about Macho and Bella’s adventures!

We did make our obligatory visits to local stores.  Pictured below is Bella chilling in Home Depot.



We also visited Lowes to get some keys made.  Bella is rarely startled by anything, but she did not like the noise the key machine made.  I’m thinking we may be going back to Lowes hoping someone else is getting some keys made so she can see that it’s not a big yellow monster.



At the office last week, a balloon came unpinned from a cubicle wall.  Bella, being the Lab that she is, decided she should carry the balloon around.  It looked like a thought bubble over her head.  Appropriate that it was a “Secret Life Of Pets” movie balloon.  And no worries, she did not chew the plastic holder at all.




B3 Dog Services

I need to give a shout out to my friends Dean and Ann Darreff of B3 Dog Services.  They have taken their love for dogs and turned it into a

B3’s website

successful dog walking / pet sitting business.  After I became involved with K9s For Warriors, Dean contacted me looking for who he could talk to there about KFW being B3’s charity of choice.  They got everything worked out, and now B3 donated $1.00 a month for every walk they do.  One dollar.  Doesn’t sound like much does it?  Well, B3 does close to 300 walks a month, which is … let’s see 300 times 12 months in a year … that would be … yeah, $3600 a year.  One dollar a walk ain’t chump change!!!

Shameless promotion:  If you are in the greater Jacksonville area and need a dog walker, Dean and his walkers are the best.  I trust my dogs with him.  Endorsement doesn’t get much higher than that if you know me.  If you’re on Facebook, like B3 there:  Facebook: B3 Dog Services.

Proudly showing support for K9s For Warriors on their banner at Dogwood Park




Is That A Service Dog?

So recently while in Walmart without Bella, I saw a couple with a dog in the store.  The dog had a camo vest on with patches on one side.  The people had no noticeable disabilities.  Before you start, I volunteer for K9s For Warriors so I’m well versed that not all disabilities are visible!  Anyway,  I tried to get close to them so I could see the patches on the dogs vest, but they were moving too quickly for me.

Now, why am I questioning?  First, the dog was a dachshund.  A what?  Yes, a dachshund.  Again, I know that all sizes and shapes of dogs can be services dogs, but under ADA the dog must be trained to do something.  I have to ask myself what this dog was trained to do.  Maybe the dog was a service dog who was trained to alert should one of the couple’s blood sugar start to drop or an epileptic seizure.  Ok, I can buy that, even in a dachshund.  However, there was one other thing that caused me to question ….

The dog was not on a leash!!!!!!!!!!!!  The couple was shopping, not paying any attention to the dog and the dog was expected to follow.  Granted, the dog did, but even service dogs are required to be on a leash.  That was the biggest red flag.  Had the dog been leashed and constantly with its owners, the flag wouldn’t have been as red or waving so furiously.  I saw the couple in an aisle pick up what they wanted and walk away.  The dog was looking the other direction, finally turned and trotted to keep up.  The couple did not look to see where the dog was.

I really wanted to catch up with them to ask the 2 questions you can:  (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform.  They probably would have told me to go jump in a lake since I didn’t work there, and that was why I was wishing Bella was with me.  Instead, the encounter led me to more research and to help people understand.  Service dogs are vital, critical tools for the folks who have them.  Personally, I like that these folks can only be asked 2 questions and these “fake” service dogs concern me.

Here’s two articles that I found helpful.  Until next week…..

The Hidden Complications of Fake Service Dogs

Article from Please Don’t Pet Me.


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