Stay-cation and Swimming!

Week 14 was a full week for Miss Bella.  She started out her week staying with her buddy Macho and his KFW momma, Kristen, while I was on vacation.  And she ended her week learning to swim.  Weeeeee!!!!

Kristen was gracious enough to send me some photos with captions for the blog.  If you want to follow Macho, click on Macho’s March to Service.  Kristen is a WONDERFUL puppy raiser; I’m thankful that she took Bella for me.

Macho.  Such a handsome boy.


From Guest Blogger Kristen

Bella spent her weekend with Macho, another K9 service dog in training. Macho is a nine month old Great Dane mix. He was pretty smitten with her and they quickly became great play friends. Bella thought it was awesome to have someone new to play “zoomies” with inside.  (Excuse the blur, but 2 baby pups rarely sit still for long together.) 


Bella worked hard on her walks learning to heal gently with Macho every morning.  In the evenings the favor was returned when Bella would show Macho that bathrooms were not so bad.


Bella is a pretty quick learner.  She found that if you sit sweetly at the end of Kristen’s kitchen that she will return with peanut butter filled toys.



The orange one was her favorite.


While the beginning Macho wasn’t sure if you sharing would be so great….



He eventually surrendered to the cuteness of Bella and let her be and even share part of his Olympic costume with her.


So while most of her weekend was spent at home, it was full of learning and play. But hey, even puppies deserve a bit of a vacation now and again.



Week 14, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I took Bella and Dakotah (my Lab mix) where they had access to a pond and was surprised that Bella would only get her feet wet.  “Labs are water dogs; this should be natural,” I thought to myself.  After all, Dakotah took to water like a duck!  So, I scheduled time with a dog trainer friend at Karma K9’s pool so Bella could swim.

Maria was a godsend in helping Bella.  First suggesting that Bella wear a flotation vest; then knowing to pick her straight up and into the water instead of pulling her forward.  I’m sure Bella hated Maria at the beginning, but by the end of our time in the pool, she was her best friend again!

I wanted to do this for Bella not just because it’s fun and good exercise, but because I didn’t want her afraid of water.  Who knows what her warrior will be like and what activities they’ll do together.  But if her warrior likes swimming, well Bella is ready for that now!

No, no, NO!  Are you crazy?!?!?!!! I’m not going in there!


Aunt Maria made the pool very, very long by hanging onto the vest.
I had the treat bag, but had to swim forever!!!


Dakotah helped me learn this swimming thing.


Look Momma!  No Vest!!!  I’m swimming!!!!!


But, I’m not crazy enough to do what my foster sister is doing.
(At least not yet….)





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