Week 15

Week 15

Before going into what happened in Week 15, remember Week 14 and Bella learning that Labradors should like to swim?  I said that I wanted her to not be afraid of the water because I didn’t know what her warrior would like to do (and because I don’t want her afraid of anything).  Well, this week K9s For Warriors posted this photo collage on their Facebook page.  I don’t know if our training session was premonition or just good timing, but I’m sure glad we did it.  After seeing this, I will make sure Bella is ready for pool time with her future warrior!



The big outing of the week was GISHWHES.  What is it, you ask?  Well, it’s not a new designer dog breed like one friend guessed (LOL).  What it is …. “g.i.s.h.w.h.e.s. (which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) is a 7-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins that you can compete in from anywhere in the world (even from your own home!).”

Linda (my “kid sister”) along with her family and friends were participating.  They ask for Bella’s help with #97:  “While we can never completely repay veterans for their service, we can do our best to show how thankful we are. Take a photo of a team member volunteering at your local veteran’s hospital, clinic, or non-profit dedicated to veteran affairs.”  They volunteered to help me with a training session for Bella, and since Bella hasn’t been around children (and my nephews haven’t been around dogs), this was a great opportunity.  We did some working having Bella sit by my side while Linda, then Joe walked up to talk to me.  We had Bella focus on me so the boys could individually come over and pet her.  The oldest boy “directed” us to have her heal while we walked to the place he designated while he filmed us.  And, we talked about how Bella was going to have a job when she grows up and what that meant.  For just a 6 month old puppy, Bella did pretty well.


Son #1 directing our walk.IMG_5808

Son #2 pets BellaIMG_5796

Group belly rub!!!BellaBelly

Linda, Joe and I after the exercises.  (Joe is a veteran.)IMG_5814

We also visited Julie’s Cafe, my favorite place for breakfast, and Bella did much better this time than when I took her inside in May.  Tried to get a photo just like the May one to show her growth.


One of the fun things about doing this blog is tracking Bella’s growth.  In Week 15, she barked at a person for the first time.  Our A/C went out at work, and when the guys came in to check it, there was something about one of them that concerned her.  She barked a few times, and wow, this girl has a deep bark!  I did take her out to have her “make a friend,” and she was fine with both of the guys.  However, the ladder in the bathroom?  Not so much.  It took sweet words and a few treats to get her over the fear of that “thing.”


The only other “exciting” thing we did is she had her “nails done” for the first time.  She was NOT thrilled with that!

Momma, what is he doing???IMG_6985

Um, nope.  I’m gonna wiggle and squirm to get out of this!IMG_6986

Other photos from the week…



Chillin’ at JuliesIMG_6990

At work.  You can see her “Gizmo” stripe on top of her head.IMG_6997

Nope!  I’m not wearing the hat!IMG_7012

With her best buddy, Dakotah, in the front seat of my truck.
No filter on the photo.


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