Happy National Dog Day

Week 17

Finally, a slow week when it comes to activities!  The usual trips to stores, Julie’s for breakfast, and then a joint heeling session with Kristen and Macho.  (No pictures that night; sorry.)  Even though it was a slow week, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about!  (Surprised?)


While raising Bella, I’m noticing growth changes or stages that she goes through.  Maybe it’s because I’m blogging her time with me or maybe because we check in with the puppy advisers at K9s For Warriors; don’t really know.  But, I find it interesting.

Here’s what I’ve noted recently:

Around 5 months old, she started to assert herself and question what she was being told to do.  (See Week 12’s blog.)  We’ve worked through most of that now, and she doesn’t challenge me verbally.

Shortly after turning 6 months old, 2 things have happened.  1) Her prey drive has kicked in and 2) she’s developing a little anonymity.

Enjoying a dream bone in my office.

The first 4 months that Bella has been with me, I found it interesting that she didn’t react to cats or birds or people walking down the street.  My girls (Diva and Dakotah) would bark like crazy if they saw a cat out front; Bella would just bounce around as if to say, “They’re barking, Momma!”  Well, within the last 10 days she started noticing these things.  She hasn’t barked at them like my girls do, but her ears perk up and she won’t take her eyes off them.  She hasn’t broken heeling work to try to get at them either, but they most definitely have her attention.

Up until last week, Bella always slept under my desk at work.  She didn’t even sleep beside my desk; she had to be under it.  Finally, she started sleeping under the window in my office and has even walked out of my office to take a nap in the main part of the building.  I don’t think it’s just because she’s out-growing the area under my desk.  I think she’s gaining some anonymity.   That said, if she’s asleep under my desk at home and I get up to go to the recliner (a mere 12 feet away), she has to get up and follow me.

Bella saw herself in a mirror in the children’s department at Target.


Humorous story that was a good “leave it” lesson.  After I unlocked the door to the office, a little green tree frog jumped on Bella’s vest and rode into the office.  After we got in the door, the little frog jumped off and started hopping across the floor.  Of course, Miss Bella saw it.  I had to get the alarm turned off, but after that, I made her walk around the frog using “leave it.”  After we scared the pee out of the frog, I caught it and put it back outside.  Oh, and to make it harder, one of my devs had used one of Bella’s toys to get a balloon unstuck from the dome.  It was laying on the floor, and the little frog hopped near it.  Two distractions for the pup.

ADA Guidelines and Training Dos

I stumbled onto this article recently and found it intriguing.  Not every dog is cut out to be a service dog, obviously, but this is the first article I’ve come across that talks about what it takes for a dog to “make the cut.”



I’ve also been reading more on PTSD and found these interesting and informative.






Enough of the heavy stuff.  Here’s what you really come to the blog site for.  First a video of Bella playing fetch at work, and then pictures from the week.


I want this one Momma!


I’m such a good girl.  Give me a piece of bacon!
Yes!  We’re ready for football season!!!
Every pup should have 2 footballs!


The cat joined in on the National Dog Day photo!
The beautiful vehicle magnets Judge Swanson and his wife donated to K9s For Warriors!

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