Hurricanes and Labor Day

Week 18


Our started with a visit to the chiropractor.  And while Bella did not get an adjustment, she thought Dr. Carlson’s table was quite comfy!

Most of the week was spent with her buddy, Macho, as “Momma” was on vacation again.  Here’s some of their week:


While most prepared for Hermine this past week, Bella prepared for her stay with her K9 buddy Macho.  The rain and wind made outings hard to come by.  Good thing not all puppy work has to be outside.



Bella practiced her healing and fronts when the storm let up, but because she is such a wiggly puppy, photos of this work are still hard to come by.  Maybe soon, we can get some “action” shots at a foster meeting.  Bella was happy to update Momma that the dragon was the only damage to be reported from Hermine.



As the storm cleared and Bella prepared to go home, there were a few “to dos” to check off the list.  First up: Bath Time!  Not only does this make for a soft, smell good, snuggly puppy, but it gets her ready for her monthly preventive meds.bayer-logo-font

Did you know that Bayer is a corporate sponsor of K9s For Warriors?  They provide the monthly preventive medication for the dogs currently going through training.  After a dog is place with their warrior, Bayer also provides the teams with veterinary care and yearly gift cards for the daily routine needs of the dog.  Thank You Bayer!!!!





Next on the list was delivering Dog Day meal to the September class at KFW.  Dog Day is one of the best days each month on campus.  It’s the day the warriors get paired with their battle buddies and the healing process begins.

Cooking for K9s is another way that the volunteers get to show our warriors some love.  The teams stay on campus while receiving 120 hours of training, and every night a volunteer brings them a hot meal for dinner.  Bella got to go with Kristen to deliver the traditional Dog Day Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese with Rootbeer Floats for dessert.



At K9s for Warriors, it truly takes a village, but seeing that village in motion is awesome.  This weekend, Bella got to see two great parts of that village!

And I can’t thank Kristen enough for taking care of Bella when I’m out of town.  It really does take a village!  Bella was a happy puppy when I picked her up and we headed home.





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