Ponte Vedra Car Show & Service Dog Awareness Month

Weeks 19 and 20

The weeks are becoming routine, so it was easier to roll 2 weeks into 1 blog this time around.  Bella is doing well.  Still growing, though her growth is slowing.  53 lbs now at 7 months old.  When I start getting frustrated, my friends remind me, “She’s still a baby.”  And she is.  She might not look like a puppy much any more, but she still is a puppy.  Considering my Lab-mix, Dakotah, didn’t really mature until around 3 years of age, Bella is doing just fine.

Our big activity recently was helping out at the K9s for Warriors booth at the Ponte Vedra Car Show.  The car show was on the 15th anniversary of  9/11; they opened the show with a short but nice remembrance of that tragic day.  Bella and I walked over to watch the fire truck raise The Flag, and then Bella had her picture taken with a few of the fire fighters!  (Video of part of The Flag raising is at the bottom of this blog.)

img_7284     img_7303img_7285


Bella and I were fortunate to share table duty with Joyce and Greg who happened to be baby sitting one of the new babies in the program, Ty, one of the West Virginia Golden-Doodles mentioned in a previous blog.  Bella was really good with the puppy.  She played, but didn’t over play with Ty.

img_7277  img_7279


It became a party a little later in the morning when Tango (one of the North Carolina Golden Retrievers, a Puppy Platoon member) and his family stopped by!

img_7292     img_7288


Our “shifts” changed at 11:30, and that’s when Jersey arrived with Rebecca and Dale in tow.  Of course, the Black Labs had to have some play time, then we managed to quiet them for a couple of photos.  Jersey, a male Black Lab, is a month younger than Bella but they weigh the same.

img_7302   img_7298


It’s a joy talking with people at a K9s for Warriors booth.  At the car show, so many people already knew about K9FW; after all, Camp K9 is only a mile or so from where the show was held.  I think the question most asked that day was about volunteering at Camp K9.  An unfortunate incident this past Spring caused K9FW to shut down their program of having volunteers walk the dogs.  Some folks thought that all of their volunteer programs had been shut down.  It was great to say, “No!  There’s still things you can do!”  (If you’re interesting in learning of the volunteer opportunities, you can email them at volunteers@k9sforwarriors.org.)


Remembering 9/11

K9s for Warriors did live Facebook feed the morning of 9/11.  That is posted below along with a link to a local article.

K9s for Warriors marks 15th anniversary of 9/11 with memorial tribute



September is Service Dog Awareness Month

First Coast Magazine has a wonderful article about Bryan and Dell in their September issue.  Click here to read online.

A New Leash On Life








A Few More Photos


Session at Camp K9 with Mike, the new head of training.



Bella’s stuff for her “go bag.”  She’ll be spending 4 days with Jennifer and Gary, K9s For Warriors volunteers, while Momma is out of town.  Hopefully, they’ll take some pics for her next blog!



Momma, I know that bully stick is for meeeeeeeeeeee!



Sleeping under my desk, and starting to out grow it!



How to slow down a chow hound!



Raising the Flag on 9/11



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