Week 21.  img_1201

The first part of this week, Bella was with Gary and Jennifer, 2 K9s For Warriors volunteers who puppy sit when puppy raisers or fosters are out of town.  They said she’s such a sweet girl.  She had trips to Publix, Gary’s birthday dinner (Happy Birthday, Gary) and multiple walks a day.  Really good for her to be in different places with different people.




Before coming home, Bella was “fixed” even though she didn’t think anything was broken.  At almost 7 1/2 months, it was time.  It took her a good 24 hours to get over the anesthesia, but by Thursday night, she was acting more like herself.  Then came the challenge – “You have 11 stitches.  Don’t. Do. That.”  Now 7 days post surgery, she’s acting like she never had surgery.  Still restricting her activities; fortunately only for a few more days.  She stares at me because she so wants me to throw a ball for her.  Not yet, baby girl, but soon.

Coming home from Camp K9



Head on my lap in the truck ’cause she didn’t feel so good.



I have an owie; rub my belly!



She doesn’t understand why she was in puppy jail.



Durdles 1; Bella 0




News from Camp K9

On Thursday, September 22, 6 warriors and their dogs graduated.  As the caption on the photo below says, they have now graduated 256 Warrior-Dog teams.  How cool is that?!?!!!

K9s For Warriors has started live streaming the graduation ceremonies on Facebook.  If you can’t make it in person (it is open to the public), you can watch it online live or when it’s convenient for you.  Below the photo is the video of graduation should you like to watch.




At the Jacksonville Jaguars game on 9/25/2016, teams Bryan & Dell along with Bill & Woody were honored as the Veteran of the Game.



More from Camp K9.












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