What a Week!

Before we move into Week 23, I need to share what I forgot from Week 22.  And it was big!  K9s for Warriors cut the ribbon on the new kennels!!!

Jeannie Blaylock of First Coast News in Jacksonville was there with the TV crew.  She has been a HUGE supporter of K9s For Warriors.  From her bio on First Coast News’ website, “Jeannie’s most recent work includes “Operation Orion,” an in-depth look at the “invisible wounds” haunting so many of our veterans. Jeannie is examining the high suicide rate among warriors with PTSD and inspiring the community to help a local non-profit, “K9s for Warriors.”  The group custom trains rescue dogs to help warriors regain their lives.  These are veterans diagnosed with PTSD or TBI (traumatic brain injury) or MST (military sexual trauma). Jeannie’s stories have inspired several hundred thousand dollars in donations for a new PTSD recovery center, which opened in 2015 in Nocatee.”  Those 2 words “Thank You” aren’t enough to thank her for what she has done for KFW!!!

Here are some photos from the dedication of the new kennel.


K9s for Warriors streamed the event live on Facebook.  Click on the video below if you’d like to see it.


NOW we need more puppy raisers, fosters and dogs so K9s for Warriors can fill that kennel and help twice as many veterans.  Right now, the wait list is almost 2 years to be in a class at Camp K9.  If you’re interested in being a puppy raiser or foster, please visit their website for more information.

And finally….

Week 23

On Monday, October 3rd a new class of warriors were paired up with their dogs.  That top photo is pretty special.  Why?  Because’s that smiling black lab is Rocco, and he came up through the puppy raising program.  Below I’ve posted a photo from Week 3 where Bella met her future self, Rocco!


Week 3 at our monthly training!  Rocco and Bella!!!  Stuart did an amazing job getting Rocco ready for this moment.


That’s Stuart with Rocco at our training at Nocatee Publix.  Great job, Rocco!!!


SURPRISE!!!  The folks at K9s For Warriors posted this photo of Bella on their Facebook page.  How cool is that?!?!?!?!!!  This was in Week 15.


Hurricane Matthew

As everyone knows by now, NE Florida dodged a bullet named Matthew.  The stormed wobbled East, not West, so it did not make landfall here and was further off our coast.  The folks at KFW got the Camp ready and made sure the dogs were safe.  Not surprisingly, the warriors pitched in to help; refusing to evacuate.  Bless those men and women!

Bella came through the storm like a champ.  Very little seems to phase her.  The howling wind and driving rain didn’t bother her at all.  She got excited because my girls were reacting to the storm, not because of the storm itself.  However, being a retriever she thinks that all of those branches down in the back yard are just a little slice of heaven!

A little 3 second video of Bella bringing in yard debris from the storm while it was still raining.



If I’m in Momma’s chair, the storm doesn’t count.
Here Momma!  More kindling!

I have no idea where this sign came from, but after bringing me the first piece, she went back outside and found the other half!







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