Happy Birthday

Week 24

When Bella came home with me on May 2nd, she was only 11 weeks old.  In Week 24, she turned 8 months old.  And on that same day, 10/13/2016, our United Stated Navy turned 241 years old.  WOW.  From Military.com, “The U.S. Navy traces its roots back to the privateers that were employed to attack British commerce in the early days of the revolution. On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress established a naval force, hoping that a small fleet would be able to offset the uncontested exercise of British sea power.”


Happy Birthday, United States Navy!!!  Thank you to all the Naval men and women!



In Week 12, Bella and I were privileged to attend a private screening of the short documentary “Reinforcements”.  Well, Early Times Whiskey posted the following last week:

Early Times: Breaking news!
Our Reinforcements documentary has won an Award of Excellence in The Best Shorts Competition, which celebrates the world’s best short films.


The young man, Travis, that Joe took on the road trip graduated at the end of September from K9s For Warriors.  How freaking cool is that?!?!?!!!!!  He is now starting his new life with his service dog, Coleman.

Travis and Coleman



Puppy Class!

In Week 19, I mentioned that K9s For Warriors has a new head of training, and really like the direction this is going.  This past Saturday, the older puppies got together for our now semi-monthly class.  We worked on “Place” where the dogs learned that they needed to go to a mat, carpet square, rug, etc., on the floor.  Kathy, our “boss”, made the rounds to handle all of the dogs.  Bella did pretty well.

img_7646              img_7649img_7650

Momma blurred the photo, but I know you have more treats!!


I was proud of Bella and how she listened to me in a room full of dogs, handlers and noise.  Of course if we got near another dog, she was excited and wanted to play; she’s a puppy!  But, when we started working on Place and then reviewing other commands, she kept her focus on me.

If you want to see us working last Saturday, Puppy class was LIVE on Facebook!  So glad they got Bella when she was being good.  LOL



Recent Success Stories from around the USA

In Pennsylvania:   Service dog helps veteran cope with PTSD

In Wisconsin:   Army war veteran gets service dog through K9s For Warriors to cope with PTSD

In Virginia:  K9 helps U.S. Army sergeant recover from PTSD



If you’re interested in receiving the K9s For Warriors newsletter, go to their website and scroll down until you see the photo below.  Click on that and fill out the form to start receiving the newsletter.



Week 24 Photos!


Chillin’ out at Julie’s while Momma gets her breakfast.


A puppy and her toys!


Enjoying the moat around the backyard after Hurricane Matthew.


Watching the world outside of the office since the weather cooled down and the window was open.



Impromptu training outside of Bono’s BBQ

The little stray one-eyed kitten was a definite distraction for Bella.





The Ultimate “Take a Break”

So Bella came into my office and barked at me.  (Sort of unusual.)  I heard one of my co-workers holler, “You need to see this.”  Walked out of my office to see that Bella had TP’d the office.  The toilet paper was pulled to within a few feet of my office door.  She was so proud of herself!  (And we were busting it!)  Typically, the bathroom door isn’t left open, and now we make sure of it.  The amazing thing (to me) is that she didn’t destroy it … just unrolled it.


Bella and her TP


See Momma, it’s still attached to the roll!


Ok, I’ll help you clean up.


My Victorian look!!!





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