Macbeth and the Vet!

Week 25

Did this week’s blog title get your attention?  Have you raise and eyebrow and mutter “huh”?  Well, it was a wide-ranging week for Miss Bella.

Macbeth opened last week at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre (ABET).  As the theatre’s photographer, I shoot the live show during tech week, and typically I take Dakotah with me.  This time I decided to give Bella a shot.  Honestly, she wasn’t quite ready, but we made it through the evening.  She was very interested in what was happening on stage, especially the fight scenes that they rehearsed prior to the run.  At one point after they started the run, Bella looked at the curtain, stage right, and started to growl.  She never growls.  It was a particularly intense time in the show and an actor was getting ready to make their entrance.  I know she was picking up on the energy.  Kelby, the director, said that was a big compliment!

Bella watching the fight scene rehearsals.img_7701


Getting into character during intermission
Jumping into the cast photo!



Meeting everyone at Greenbriar Animal Hospital!

It was time for my girls to get their shots and check-up, so what was one more dog?!?!  img_7706After all, that’s only about 150 lbs of dogs at the end of the leashes, LOL!  I really wanted Doc to meet Bella, as well as for Bella to experience going to the vets, having different people run their hands over her, etc.

It was a wee bit crowded in the exam room, what with 3 dogs, me, Doc, the vet tech and a young man in his 3rd year of vet school.  Bella was awesome with everyone.  No issues with the guys.  Didn’t mind being examined.  Wasn’t too keen on getting her nails done, but heck, she had to be still for that!  Of course, the resounding diagnosis from everyone is that she is healthy and beautiful!!!

Chillin’ at the vet


Changes…..  This week we started the slow transition towards Bella going to Camp K9 for her formal training.  The first step is at home.  For the first time since she came home with me the beginning of May, Bella is no longer sleeping in my room.  Her crate has been moved to the front room.  She’s adjusted with no problem.  In the crates current location, she can see down the hall towards the master bedroom.  In a week or so, I’ll move the crate so she cannot.




From the K9s For Warriors Facebook Page

September Graduation

Due to some rain, graduation was held inside at Camp K9.  If you want to see the ceremony, the video from K9s for Warriors FB page is posted for your convenience.




Bella and Anatole were posted to the FB page last week!  With the new kennel completed, they need puppy raisers and fosters.  The more dogs raised successfully in the program, the more they can help our veterans.  If you’re in NE Florida and interested in volunteering as a puppy raiser or foster, please contact K9s For Warriors!




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