Civics Lesson

Week 26

Conversations can happen anywhere.  Bella and I were stopped at a traffic light, so I cracked the passenger window for her.  I could tell that the guy in the truck next to me was smiling at her, so I gave him a small wave.  “Pure Lab?” he hollers at me?  “Yep!  She sure is.”  He makes a few more comments then I have to fess up, “She’s not really mine.  I’m raising her so she can be a service dog for a veteran with PTSD or brain injury.”  “That is so great!  Thank you very much!  I’m retired Marine and really appreciate what you’re doing!”  “No, thank you for your service to our country!!!”  All of this while waiting for the light to change from red to green.

Slow week on the activity front.  Usual days at work, then home.  Only new activity was taking Bella with me for early voting.  She was a good girl, and all of the folks volunteering at the location asked about the program and commented on her.  She politely lay under the voting booth while I filled in the little ovals.  On the way out, the lady said, “Take an ‘I Voted’ sticker for your dog.”  Well, ok then!!!




A Helping Paw

Dakotah and Bella decided to help me go through stuff in the front room over the weekend.  They start out so sweet…..



And then this happens …..



And then finally this…..



Bella Fun Facts

I started writing down fun facts about Bella, but now that she’s older, some don’t apply any more.  Here’s a couple:
LOVES feeding time.  When she was a baby, she would hop up and down in excitement, then when I had her food bowl in hand, she’d jump and turn 180 degrees in the air with her feet already running when she hit the ground.  Even now at 8 months old, she still races across the living room to her crate when it’s time for supper.
Loves, loves, LOVES to play fetch.  She will get the ball and bring it back as often as I want to throw it.  But as my frisbee instructor taught me, we quit the game before she’s ready to quit.
Rings the chimes.  I have small wind chimes hanging on the sliding door so my dogs and let me know when they need to go into the back yard.  Bella learned from them, but now will tap the chimes with her nose just to hear them ring.  She’ll lay by the door, when it’s open, and ring them while watching the outdoors.
Unmakes the dog beds – ALL of them.  I cannot keep a blanket on any of the dog
beds.  She digs it, moves it with her nose, drags it.  If one of my dogs is laying on it, she tries to pull them along with the blanket.  Even the blankets in the extra-cab of my truck are moved around.

From Around The Web

Army Veteran And Findlay Citizen Receives Service Dog Through K9s For Warriors Program

Beautiful Star with her Warrior!



Veterans Get a Helping Paw: How Dogs Help Military Heroes Get Their Lives Back

“The day that I got [Corey], I felt this sense of calm come over me,” says Viers, who was prescribed a service dog by her Veterans Affairs doctor. “When I saw her eyes, I knew everything was going to be OK.”








We are doing an awesome collaboration with K9s For Warriors. K9s For Warriors is an amazing organization that provides Rescue dogs to service members suffering from the invisible wounds of war. 

$5 from each top sold with this design will be donated to K9s for Warriors.

Order the Hero Lab shirt here!








From the K9s for Warriors Facebook Page

One of the volunteer positions at K9s for Warriors is to be a “Mom” or “Dad”.  These wonderful folks help fill a void on those lonely weekends at Camp K9 when the warriors are on campus for class.  The lovely lady on the couch below is Kathy, and I’m very fortunate that she is the Foster/ Puppy Raiser Coordinator.  This means I benefit from her guidance in working with Bella.  She has been such a source of encouragement while working with this head-strong puppy!!!










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