Salute Our Veterans!

Weeks 27 

It was a busy week for Bella with 2 fund raisers representing K9s For Warriors.  Training has been going well.  Impressed with the knowledge Kathy and Mike are sharing with us, and the encouragement and support given.

Bella Fun Fact

If my co-worker scolds Bella or tells her no, Bella runs across to my office then sits by my chair and stares at me.  I’ll IM Kathryn to ask, “Did you just scold Bella?”  “Yep.”  “She just came to tattle on  you!”





TD Bank is raising money for K9s for Warriors.  Their goal:  $20,000 so they can sponsor a service dog and warrior.  Bella and I spent an afternoon at the bank talking with folks about KFW.  What impressed me the most about the folks at TD Bank on San Juan was that they greeted so many of their customers by name when they came through the door.  The folks they didn’t know were greeted graciously, offered water or lemonade and made to feel welcome.  I made sure to compliment the folks on this.  Very refreshing to see.


How cool is this that one of their displays, right at the front door, is a guy with a service dog!!  Oh, and they have dog bowls of water for any guest that come in with a dog.


Bella stayed on her place most of the time we were there.


One of the folks with the Jaguars came by and brought this Blake Bortles autographed football to auction off for K9s For Warriors.



Salute The Veterans
5k and Patriotic Paws Parade

veterans5k                   week27_02


This year, 1st Place Sports added K9s for Warriors as a one of the non-profits receiving funds from the 5k and Parade.  The previous 4 years (I think it’s been 4), all moneys raised went to what is now The USS Adams Museum.  Bella and I went down fully intedon-and-fletchnding on doing the Paws Parade.  We were waiting for our friend Kristen at the K9s For Warriors tent when a warrior and his dog came up to the tent.  Ok.  So what, right?  Um no.  The warrior was carrying his dog across his shoulders.  Fletcher evidently scraped or cut his paws about 1/2 way through the 5K, and Don carried his dog the rest of the way with a few folks helping stabilize Fletcher on his shoulder.

Kristen, being the absolutely wonderful person that she is, helped Fletcher by cleaning and wrapping his paws.  Awards were given  out for the Paws Parade, and if I remember correctly, Don and Fletcher were given the most inspirational award.  The bond between them was so evident; amazing to see.


Kristen working on Fletcher’s paws.



Don and Fletcher after they arrived. 


Fletcher chilling out after being treated (and wishing for a bite of a buscuit)!


Being presented with their award.



Another warrior and his service dog were at the event.



Bella in one of her calm moments.




Local service dog rides in ambulance to help her owner cope with PTSD


Our beautiful STAR was featured on the Toledo news!




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