Veterans Day

Week 28 – In Bella’s life, Veterans Day is her Christmas.  It will be the most meaningful holiday in her life when she is paired with her warrior.  Until then, though, she continues to work on learning to ignore distractions, learning that when she hears her name everything stops and she comes running, learning impulse control.  And oh for this 9 month old pup, that last one is hard.

We had another great class with Kathy and Mike.  Worked on loose leash walking, and immediate attention when the pups name is said.  Bella is really grasping the concept … it’s that impulse control thing we’re still working on.


First Coast News Veterans Day Telethon

The goal was $200,000.

They raised $425,624!!!

The telethon was to help K9s For Warriors raise money to build a new training facility on campus.  Rory Diamond said the following:   “This facility will be a huge help for these  veterans and their pets.The training facility will have “mock stores”  and “mock restaurants” so the veterans can get comfortable with social situation that might otherwise be stressful, before they try the real-life situations.

The new training facility will also save thousands of dollars in fuel costs for K9s for Warriors, a registered non-profit, according to Rory Diamond, Executive Director. The warriors won’t have to be driven around town as much and can stay on campus to train with their service dogs.”

A few days prior to the telethon, an anonymous donor stepped up and said they would match donations to K9s For Warriors from Veterans Day through the end of the year!  If you’re looking to donate to a charity as a part of your holiday giving, please consider them.  (I do not know if the 400k+ includes the matching or if that amount was matched.)

There’s some great video clips on this link of the veterans and what their dogs have done for them.

First Coast News: Back to Life



Healthy Senators of Fletcher High School


On Saturday, Bella and I went to Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach to support their Healthy Senators club with their Pups For A Purpose dog walk benefiting K9s For Warriors.

Cory French, a biology teacher and faculty for the Healthy Senators, said that they wanted to support a cause that helped not only physical well being but mental well being.  The turn out wasn’t that large, but that is ok.  They plan on doing it again in the Spring Time.

Don’t know how much they raised, but they know that the anonymous donor will be matching their efforts!





From The Web

Bill Huffnagle, president of Stryker’s Joint Replacement Division, welcomed K9s for Warriors founder Shari Duval and Army and Marine veteran James Brereton with his service dog, Bernie.
Bill Huffnagle, president of Stryker’s Joint Replacement Division, welcomed K9s for Warriors founder Shari Duval and Army and Marine veteran James Brereton with his service dog, Bernie.

Mahwah Company Sponsors Service Dogs For Veterans





K9s for Warriors: Mom supports vets dealing with PTSD

Shari Duval, K9s For Warriors founder, is featured on CNN’s “Stories Worth Watching.”




It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

K9s for Warriors gives service dogs to vets with PTSD

Fox News in Santa Monica, California, did a segment on Chris and Steele.  From the interview, Chris went from 9 pills a day for depression to only 2, and his thoughts of suicide have slowly diminished.










U.S. Marines Corps Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corp.  Since 1775!


And we’ll put this blog to bed, even if you fall asleep with your head squeezed between the seats in the truck!  I promise there will be more Bella photos next week!



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