Catching Up

Weeks 29 – 31

Holidays and other responsibilities have decreased Bella’s outings, but she’s still growing and learning.  Highlights of the last 3 weeks:


Bella chilled in the exam room at my doctor’s office.  She was great until Dr. Z came in, then she wanted his attention.  He laughingly said, ,”She’s not ready for prime-time yet.”  Nope.  Still a puppy.


Visiting Shadowlawn Elementary

My dear friend Elaine, a special ed teacher at Shadowlawn Elementary School in Green Cove Springs, asked if I could consider bringing Bella to meet her class.  Absolutely!  After working with our schedules, we finally settled on Friday, November 18th.  Bella was ready for her adventure.

We, of course, had to check in when we arrived at the school.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a public school, so the security measures were new to me.  I was given a visitor’s name tag to stick on, and Bella was given a special “School Visitor” sticker for her vest.  We managed to keep it on the vest for a little while.  🙂










Elaine was so prepared for us with questions written on index cards that each child would read.  We talked mostly about Bella – what kind of dog she is, what her breed’s “job” was in the “old days,” what kind of training I do with her, her stages of training, that I’ll have to give her up, etc.  One boy was obviously worried that Bella would not have a stable home, that she would be abandoned.  Elaine was able to calm his fears and let him know that she would be very well taken care of.  Another little boy, when we mentioned that I was her “foster mom,” said that Bella was like him – in foster care.

I learned all about any dogs that the children had at home or had at some points in their lives.  Bella and I sat at the front of the class for close to an hour, and Bella was a gem.  She didn’t try to get to the children, and eventually went to sleep while we were talking.

After we were done with the Q&A session, Elaine instructed the children on how to pet a dog, then Bella and I went from child to child so they could all pet her.  I, of course, had treats in my hand so Bella would focus on me.  After all, she’s still a child herself, and the students were just the right height to play with!



Watching Disc-Connected K9s
The World Famous Frisbee Dogs!

After a training session in Nocatee with Kathy of K9s For Warriors, Bella and I headed over to see our friends Scot and Angel do a show at the Nocatee Farmer’s Market.  I know that Bella has great prey drive, but did not expect the reaction when the show started.  She wanted to catch that frisbee in the worst way!  I told her that in another lifetime maybe she could be a champion frisbee dog, but in this lifetime she has another job to do.



More Photos


With the nice weather, the window is open at work.  Bella enjoys being able to look out the window that the crazy street outside.



Didn’t know my recliner was a 2-dog recliner.



Diva and Bella catching an afternoon nap.
Replaced the cushions on the couch with dog beds.  I have the recliner, and the girls play so hard, the couch cushions kept ending up on the floor.  This is easier!



Got Bella a new toy, but instead of handing it to her, I stuck it under the headrest.  She would not pull the toy out.  Kept giving me those puppy eyes.  I pulled it out when we got to work and took it into the office for her.



She fell asleep on the way home from somewhere.



Bella and Dakotah in my office.



Thank you Avenues Mall!

Catch up on what’s happening at K9s For Warriors by visiting their Facebook page.  You don’t have to be a Facebook user to view it.  It’s a public site.









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