They Call It “Camping”

Week 33

When you volunteer with K9s for Warriors to be a puppy raiser or foster, they provide 001 you with everything you need.  The puppy raiser or foster donates their time and energy to raising the pup, gas to drive to classes, and anything they may choose to buy.  So, what happens if they take a vacation or go away for the holidays, you ask?  That’s where the other puppy raisers and fosters come in.  If we can, we agree to take a “camper” while the pup’s foster folks are out of town.  Bella stayed with Kristen twice while I had to go out of town, and then once with Jennifer and Greg.  Time for me to return the favor.


Meet Lazer lazer

Lazer’s foster parents, Gail and Gary, had vacation planned so Lazer needed someone to camp with.  I volunteered.  Bella and Lazer are both black Labs around the same age.  They always seemed to greet one another when we would be at the same class.  Thursday night, after the K9s For Warriors Volunteer Christmas Party, Lazer came home with me.  I kept baby-gates between my girls and Bella and Lazer for the first 24 hours or so in order for everyone to acclimate, then let Lazer get to know Diva and Dakotah.  While 4 dogs in the house is not something I would want long term, it has been fun having Lazer with us.

012         013014          020021
022          023



Ch Ch Ch Changes

Before we went upstairs to see Kathy.


The process has begun.  Bella and 2 other pups around her age spent 2 days and nights at Camp K9 being evaluated and worked with by the folks on staff there.  They told me she did great, which was a relief to hear.  I expect that she’ll visit again after the holidays and then move into their kennels permanently after that.  Our time grows short.





In her kennel at Camp K9!

008             011



Still My Therapy Dog

With my on-going physical therapy, Bella continues to be a source of support.  She’s gotten used to what we do when we’re there, and other patients like seeing her.  There was a little boy there when I was last week, and Ryan, my PT, told him all about Bella and what her job was going to be.






Bella helps me count out the reps.









Her favorite part of PT.











She’s my helping hand.










There’s a Starbucks in the same plaza as the PT office.  Bella and I treated ourselves.







From K9s for Warriors












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