Preparing The Heart

First Christmas

In Week 35, Bella had her first Christmas.  No doubt, she had fun!  “Aunt Granny” (my friend Suzann) and my mother always have gifts for my “kids.”  We were busy getting dinner ready, so we didn’t get to open the gifts from my mother right away, but they did get to open their gifts from Aunt Granny.  Bella was also gracious while spending part of the day at my parents house. 

Bella thinks she should help Aunt Granny with her gift.
Ok Girls! Here’s your gifts!
Aunt Granny always lets them open the gifts themselves.
First toy to bite the dust was the duck!
Back home, Bella and Diva sacked out!


Later in the evening, my recliner was full of Lapradors.


The Beginning of the End

On Wednesday I received the email I’d been anticipating and dreading.  “The time has come to bring your pups back to K9s for their final training. I know this is a bittersweet time for you all, and I appreciate all you have done for your babies.  Just know that you have raised a wonderful service dog that will save a veterans life one day soon.”  Aww, shit.

I looked at Bella after reading the email and said, “Girl, we need some retail therapy at lunch!”  So, off to Target we went.  

I’ll take a few of these, Momma.
Honest! I did not open a bag.  I found it in the bottom of one of those bin-things!
One of these would be good too!
I already know my beauty; I don’t need to look again.



A bit of our walk through Target.  She’s going so good!



On Thursday, Bella started her Farewell Tour at our favorite breakfast spot, Julie’s Cafe.  Maged was beside himself when I told him Bella was going to start the next phase of her training and wouldn’t be back.  “Why did you bring her then?”  “Well, would you rather not be able to say goodbye.”  “Ok, yes.  Here’s my phone, take my picture with her!”

Momma, I got my nose ring off (her gentle leader), but I promise I’ll still be good.  And can I have bacon today???
Maged has so loved watching her grow up.  He begs me to let him give her some bacon even though he knows I’ll say no.  “But Suz, she needs bacon!”




From K9s For Warriors Facebook Page



The card from this 5th grader says:

Dear Warrior,
Thank you for serving out country and making it a safe place to live in. I hope you love your dog as much as he will love you. I hop you like all the fun times with your companion. Again, thank you for serving out country and making us feel safe. Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Carlota



In The News

Woman on Hawaiian bike ride for local Marine, others who died

Starting on New Year’s Day and with a planned finish on the anniversary of the tragedy, Jan. 14, Waiwood will pedal 12 laps around Oahu to honor Jardas  and the 11 other Marines who died.  The goal of Waiwood’s mission is to raise $180,000 to sponsor 12 service canines for  the K9s for Warriors organization.”


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