Ghost Light

After I cleaned the crate I used for Bella, washed her blankets and all, the empty crate went back in my front room waiting for the next puppy.  As I looked at the crate then turned off the light, I had this urge to put a “ghost light” in the room.  If you don’t know what a ghost light is, it’s a theatre tradition of leaving a light on when the house (theatre) is empty.  There are, of course, practical reasons for this – so people don’t trip, fall off the stage, run into set pieces, etc.  However, there’s also the superstition around a ghost light.

“The superstition around it is that theaters tend to be inhabited by ghosts,” says Stern. “Whether it’s the ghost of old actors or people who used to work in the building, and ghost lights are supposed to keep those ghosts away so that they don’t get mischievous while everyone else is gone.”  This is from, “The Story Behind the Ritual that Still Haunts Broadway.”  Later in the article, it talks about how the ghost light actually became a part of the show; the opening of Act II of the 2015 musical I was in had me taking the ghost light off stage as the cast re-entered.

Not 100% sure why having a ghost light on the puppy crate came to mind so strongly, but it was enough that I had to set it up to take a photo.  Maybe it’s just the Motel 6 moto bleeding through – “We’ll leave a light on for you.”  Maybe it’s protecting the space for the next pup.  I don’t know, but I do find the impulse fascinating.

In other news, what’s happening at K9s For Warriors?

The January class is finishing their training and will be graduating on Thursday!



Do you wonder how you can help K9s For Warriors if you don’t have time to volunteer?  Consider being a Guard Dog!








Our nation’s former highest-ranking Senior Noncommissioned Officer has joined the team at K9s For Warriors!!!





In the News….

Florida veteran wins battle with major airline; immediate changes ordered



Ohio bicyclist finishes journey to honor marines who died in crash

Jardas main


Perfect explanation of ADA Service Dog Law and the need for Fake Service Dog laws.  “What’s a service animal and what two questions can you ask of the handler? What defines a “service animal”? And you don’t have ANY exemption status under ADA for a therapy dog/emotional support animal. Want to know more? Go to




My friends who work in the kennels at Camp K9s say Bella is doing great.  Joyce was kind enough to send me this photo of Bella playing fetch with the jolly ball a few weeks ago.

Image may contain: sky, dog, tree, outdoor and nature



Word on the street is ….

I should be getting a puppy soon!

Did you stick with the blog until the end?

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