A New Journey Begins – Meet Ulysses

Last week, Ulysses and his sister, Cole, left an unincorporated community in Illinois, just north of St. Louis, MO, heading towards Florida and his journey into service.  He came home with me from K9s For Warriors on Thursday afternoon, January 26th, 2017.  We were told he’s a Golden Retriever / Labrador mix, but to me, he really looks more like a Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle.  Leo, a Labradoodle, who recently graduated with his warrior, looks very similar in hair styling (or lack of styling) and the hair on the muzzle. (The featured image, the one above the title, is of Ulysses coming home with me from Camp K9 last Thursday.)


Ulysses loves his little puppy.
Under or on my feet, that’s where he feels comfortable.

The first few days, he was really laid back, but heck, think of everything this little pup had been through in a matter of days!  I think he was thinking, “Please stop the world so I can get off!”   By Saturday, he was ready to try to play with Diva.  In the pic below, you’ll see she complied a little bit.



Dakotah (aka “Midget”) still wants nothing to do with him, and Durdles (the cat) thinks the top of the fridge is the best place to be.  In our first “family photo” (sans cat), you can tell Dakotah is less than pleased that we’re doing this again.  LOL




He did survive his first bath, though I really want to use some product on that hair!!!

Please! I’m naked and wet!
This is better. Wrapped in a thick, warm towel.
Product! I need product on my hair! It’s out of control!

Getting Ulysses on Thursday and having shows Friday and Saturday nights, plus a Sunday matinee, meant that the pup was coming to the theatre with me!  Fortunately, we finally had some Florida winter days, so sleeping in his crate while I was doing the show was fine.  Plus, he got to meet the cast, get love from lots of people, and we tried a photo shoot on the beautiful green grass by the theatre on Sunday.

People Ulysses Has Made Friends With…
… that we have photos of ….

020     013   015      021

Top Row:  Diane (work comptroller); Kim (cast member); Lucas (cast member)
Bottom:  Milan and Franklin (2 of the show’s leads)


Impromptu Photo Shoot in Atlantic Beach

It’s so much fun trying to take photos of a puppy by yourself!

009    010011    012014    016017


Thank You ABET!

For including information on K9s For Warriors in the Celebration program!


Welcome to the the story of Ulysses and his time with me!  It’s gonna be fun!


Updates from Camp K9




Scott and Whiskey

Scott posted this on the FB video:  It’s the elephant in the room that not many will address “suicide” and I know all to well how 22 vets a day can go down that route! I’d be lying if I said that I don’t still struggle from day to day as depression can literally suck the life out of you. The one thing that has changed for me thanks to Shari Duval & Brett Simon is that no matter how dark my day/nights may be I have unconditional love & support by my side 24/7! There’s a lot of variables in life & thanks for giving me a constant ❤️


Watch the January Class Graduate!




I guess that ends Week 1.  Until Week 2, be safe!


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