Finding Our Stride

Week 3 …  14 weeks old – 23.6 lbs


As Ulysses is settling in, his personality is starting to show more.  He’s still

I’m quite comfortable, thank you.

reserved when in new situations or around new people.  We take new people slowly with me talking and encouraging him.  At work, he confident in his space with “his” people.  He’s doing well with potty training, though sometimes he gets playing to where I think he realizes he has to pee too late to make it to the door.  I don’t think it’s defiance, just “Yea, this is fun, oh no, I have to pee NOW!”  It’s all a part of his learning and growing.



Physical therapy is boring!

This week, he got his vest and is allowed to go in public where there are no other dogs.  (Still have more puppy shots before he can mingle with pups other than my own.)  He did come into physical therapy with me because my therapist really wanted him and said his vest wasn’t necessary.  Alice, another lady doing PT at 7am, actually made her appointment the same as mine so she could see Ulysses.  Having him there is settling and fun for all of us.  And he’s so good.  He stays right with me; doesn’t jump on anyone.  Just hangs with us.



Momma called this place “Publix.”  I call it Big & Strange.  I’ll just hang here and look around.


We made our first trip into a store after he got his vest.  Just a quick trip into Publix as I didn’t overwhelm him.  True to form, he stayed right with me, and while I could feel he wasn’t too sure about this, he again did really well.  And, I think the folks at Publix are glad I’ve got another dog.  🙂







Momma put me in the bed of the truck so Chrissy could check me out at K9s for Warriors.  All the ladies want to check me out!


Training-wise, he knows his name.  “Here” is going well.  “Sit” is going well.  He heals fairly well when we’re walking outside, though he’s too young to understand what we’re doing.  (I’m not using the command with him yet.)  With everything, though, it’s consistency, consistency, consistency.








That wraps up Week 3.  Below are some more photos and a couple videos of Ulysses that I hope you enjoy.


Work … zzzzzz
Got to meet my foster grandma!
See, I didn’t sleep through all of Momma’s physical therapy appointment.
Dreaming of not being at work.



This is one talented pup!  He can howl and not drop his toy!




Tried putting a bandana on his to maybe help him get used to the vest.  Um….




Yes that’s our girl playing on “Free Play Friday” at Camp K9.




Updates from K9s For Warriors




Image may contain: 1 person, standing, dog and outdoor
Jeffrey & Zulu
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog, tree and outdoor
Jonathan & Bobby
Image may contain: dog and outdoor
Ricardo & Roddy
Image may contain: 1 person, dog, tree and outdoor
Bryan & Cooper
Image may contain: 1 person, dog, tree, outdoor and nature
Christopher & Thompson
Image may contain: 1 person, dog, beard and outdoor
Donald & Harbaugh
Image may contain: 1 person, dog and outdoor
Kevin & Delaney


I was so excited when I saw this.  Bella and Delaney grew up in the program together; they’re only a week apart in age.  Mary and I talked at class about working with such high energy, head strong pups.  So happy for her that he is graduating this month.  And best wishes to Kevin, his warrior, as they begin this journey together.

Remember this pic from Bella’s Blog, week 3?  That’s Delaney back in May, 2017.


And here’s Delaney at Clyde E Lassen Veterans Nursing Home, Bella’s Blog Week 16, late August, 2017.

If you’re interested, there’s going to be a K9s for Warriors fund raiser at Culhane’s Irish Pub on Wednesday, February 22 from 6pm – 7:30 to celebrate Delaney’s graduation.  More information can be found on the Facebook event page.




It is now illegal to have a fake service dog in Neptune Beach

Bryan Foltz has a service dog for his PTSD. He said he was at a hotel recently when employees there didn’t believe his dog was a service dog.  According to Foltz, as the number of fake service dogs increases, so too does the doubt of individuals with legitimate service dogs.



K9s For Warriors train in Jacksonville Beach surf shop

Click on the link above to see 10 photos of the February class training in Jacksonville Beach.



How’s this for a well trained dog!?!?!?!?!!!!



Until next week, be safe!









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