Road Trip

First, a note to folks who get the blog via email (by clicking “Follow” in the lower right part of the page).  I decided to follow my own blog and saw the email last week.  Am disappointed at how it cuts off photos if they’re too wide like the January class photos were.  Also, videos don’t show that they’re videos.  There were 3 last week.  So I guess I’m recommending clicking the blog title (next to my profile pic) so you can read it in the website itself.  The video of Bella playing fetch at Camp K9 was completely missing from the email.  I pasted the link to it below; you’ll need to copy/paste to see it.

Week 4 … 15 weeks old … 25 lbs

Puppies are so much fun, and the changes and growth they experience each week is amazing.  Ulysses is growing, gaining confidence and learning.  He’s a sweet, sweet puppy; a little shy when meeting new people yet chill in new situations.  His 4th weekend with me was a big one as we took a road trip!

But before we hit the road, some other updates from the week.


No more crate in the back seat!

For safety, Ulysses has had a create in the backseat of my truck, but with his growth it’s been difficult getting him OUT of the crate.  So, bye-bye crate.  There’s a “hammock” that covers the backseat and keeps him safe.  He can’t fall into the foot well in front of the seats and cannot easily get into the front seat.  He’s one happy camper now with all that room to squeak his toy and grow!

Crated in the back seat.
Enjoying freedom in the back seat.
“Without the crate, I can look over Momma’s shoulder!”


Home Alone!

First night left home = success!  I was gone from the house almost 6 hours.  Came home to a clean crate and a puppy who made it to the door and outside before going potty.  House training is going well also.  Sometimes he gets playing and then is like “Oh no!  I have to pee!,” and some dribbles out on the way.  It’s obvious, though, that he knows he’s to go to the front door when he needs to go out.



We had more outings in stores.  I did remind him that chocolate is not good for kids or puppies!












Helping with Physical Therapy

Everyone at physical therapy appreciates Ulysses being there.  He brings a light-hearted air with him.

“My cuteness makes this easier, doesn’t in Momma?”
“I’ll come over and help out Alice.  She could use some puppy love!”
“If I sit on your foot while you do toe-curls, you’ll get stronger.  See, I’m helping!”



Road Trip!

On Saturday, we went to Orlando to celebrate the life of a wonderful lady.  It was Ulysses first long ride, first time in a church, first time in a restaurant and first time around motorcycles.  Let me tell you, this little pup is not phased by much.  He took to everything like a trooper!  The loud pipes on some of the motorcycles didn’t bother him.  He gave love to everyone who needed some puppy love during a time of both celebration and grief.  He was truly amazing.


“Everybody loves me!”
“This bush is a good place to rest. I can lay on it and still have my feet on the ground.”
“My chauffeur also gives good pets.”
“I’ll just take a nap under the pew while they do the service.”
“This is Aunt Teri, my chauffeur. “
“Momma, can we go for a ride?”
“Restaurants are kind of boring too, especially since Momma didn’t order me anything!”



Ulysses Fun Facts / Stories

At the office if someone is petting him and he decides it’s time for a nap, he walks away and puts himself to bed under my desk.

His mouth is very, very soft.  He loves to carry things around and yet has not destroyed or even damaged a toy.  He may wear a squeaker out before he punctures it.

We tried to give him some water in a collapsible bowl, but he proceeded to pick it up, dump the water out then proudly carry the bowl around.  No matter how hard we tried, the bowl was to be carried not drunk from.


Family Photo


My pups have warmed up to him.  While not totally chummy, they don’t totally avoid him so I’m able to get family photos.  The cat, however, is another story completely.


Updates from Camp K9

In an effort to not have posts cut-off for those who “follow” the blog, I’m pasting the K9s for Warriors Facebook posts here and linking back to their page.  If you click on the photo, it will take you there in a new tab.


Image may contain: one or more people, dog and outdoor

Staff Spotlight: Jacob is a Warrior Relations Specialist at K9s and a Marine. Originally from Baltimore, he has resided in Jacksonville for almost 10 years now. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out in Jacksonville Beach, running, spending time with his dog, Woody, and cracking jokes! We are glad he is a member of our team.


Image may contain: 1 person, text


Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people standing and outdoor

Warrior Ron and his service dog, Marco, graduated last November. Since returning home, they have been doing great things together. They volunteer at an equestrian farm every Monday and will also be teaching a class about service dogs to the public.


Video posted on K9s For Warriors page.

Seeing happy dogs play – another inspiring part of what we do!


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and dog

Volunteers in our kennel enrichment program help us in so many ways. Our dogs are grateful for them too.



And if you couldn’t see the video of Bella playing at Camp K9, copy and paste this URL:


Looking ahead:  In next week’s blog, Ulysses attended a graduation party / fund raiser for K9s For Warriors and met another dog outside of our home!  And, the February class graduates!

Until then, be safe!



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