Learning New Things

Week 6  –  17 weeks old ….  29.2 lbs

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A Trip To the Mall

I’m fortunate that I work just a couple blocks away from one of our large, indoor malls because it’s a great place for training.  In Week 6, Ulysses took his first ride in an elevator and working on not tripping over those big paws when navigating stairs.  He was a cool dude on the glass elevator, but the small one in the parking garage is going to take a little more work.  It’s ok, though; we have time.

“I’ve been a good boy. Can we stop by Auntie Anne’s for a soft pretzel?”
“These stairs aren’t as tall as the ones at the office. Piece of cake!”
“Hmmm. Have to think about this moving floor a little more.”



I Found Momma’s Marbles!

So my sadistic physical therapist decided that after toe crunches, it was time to try picking up marbles again.  (Last time we tried that, it was way, way, way too much.)  Ulysses thought that the marbles were great!  He was very good about not trying to pick them up himself, but he did wonder what I put in the bottom of the plastic tub.

“There are little green things on my towel.”
“They don’t smell like anything.”
“Oh! Momma’s putting them in the bowl for me!”
“It’s taking Momma forever to get all of these. I should have helped her.”



Art Walk

In Jacksonville, Art Walk is held downtown on the first Wednesday of every month.  Since I had some business at The 5 & Dime, I figured it was a great place to practice our loose leash walking as well as being around louder noises.  He did well.  Only a few things bothered him, but he didn’t freak out on me; just got closer to me or stepped behind me.  We may go again next month so I have something consistent for gauging progress.

“Art sound like bark!”
“I’m walking like a good boy, Momma!”

Dinner with the Foster Grandparents

For Dad’s birthday, we went to Le Pavillon of St. Augustine for dinner.  He was a little restless in the beginning, but then settled down to sleep during our meal.  As it often happens, we end up talking with other patrons about K9s For Warriors, what they do for our veterans and how I volunteer for them.  Ulysses is a great ambassador!



Random Photos

Dreaming about football….
Playing with Midget
The blonde blur. Everyone says how chill he is; well, he plays like a puppy!
Tuckered out after play time!


K9s for Warriors Thank You









Updates from Camp K9’s Facebook Page


Greg Wells graduated from our program in 2015. A few months after, he came back to Florida to work as a Warrior Trainer teaching other veterans with PTSD how to work with their new service canine partners. This is his story.
(Also, not only is Greg a Warrior Trainer, but they’re puppy raisers too!)



Check out our animation on service dog interaction tips!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog

Happy Share a Smile Day! Service dogs help our warriors smile again.



Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Our dedicated #volunteers bring our warriors home cooked meals every night! Their acts of kindness mean so much to us and our warriors.




From K9s For Warriors YouTube Channel

This is a 20 minute video produced by HLN.  There are two “commercial breaks” which are a few seconds of black/no sound.  It was filmed at their old location, not the current “Camp K9.”  They also do take breeder donations so not all of the dogs now are rescues, but many still are.


More of Jason and Axel

In a previous blog (last year sometime), I believe I posted about Jason and Axel.  In 2015, Axel was awarded the American Humane Association’s “Hero Dog Award” (aka Service Dog of the Year).    http://herodogawards.org/dog/axel/

Video from American Humane about veterans, PTSD and service dogs.  Jason once again talks about Axel; I just wish that they had said Axel came from K9s For Warriors.  The way this is done, it sounds (to me) like American Humane provided the service dog to him.  That said, I don’t know who sponsored Axel …. maybe it was them.  Either way, the video speaks to the horrors of PTSD.



And More….

K9s for Warriors graduating class includes special pairing

Service dog Delaney captures hearts while honoring memory of late rear admiral


Flagler College receives grant to research K9s for Warriors program


Army veteran graduates from PTSD program with service dog named Harbaugh

Donald Zuzula graduates from K9s for Warriors


The Video … In it you can see how Erick’s dog senses his agitation and immediately calms him down.

K9s For Warriors


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