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Raised to Serve Blog Special Edition …




I couldn’t mix this in with Ulysses’ weekly update.  Bella deserved her own announcement that the folks at K9s For Warriors have paired her up with a veteran.  I cannot begin to express how this feels.  It feels like I’ve been holding my breath for 2 months and can now sigh some of it out.  The rest will be released when they graduate.

One of my first thoughts Monday when I found out was that she didn’t have to sleep in a crate or in the kennel tonight.  Tonight, she would be sleeping on a dog bed at the foot of her warriors bed.  She will be loved and petted and loved some more, the way she deserves to be.  

Sweet, sweet Bella.  Work hard through these last 120 hours of training, and then your life with your new battle buddy can truly begin.


Next up:  Graduation!

Thursday, March 23rd at 6pm.  Camp K9.  It’s OPEN to the PUBLIC. Everyone is welcome!



Congratulations to Gary and Gail as Lazer has also been matched with her Warrior!!!  Lazer and Bella came up through the program together, and Lazer camped with us over the Christmas holiday.








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