Catching Up

Weeks 7 & 8

I have no idea how we got to week 8 already, but here we are.  My “other life” (the one that does not involve K9s For Warriors) has been very busy, so I’m behind on the weekly blog.  This post will be a pictorial blog; know that Ulysses is doing really well and growing!  As of Tuesday, 3/14, he was just shy of 34 pounds.  He looks like he’s already a little taller than Dakotah too.

Next blog will get you caught up on how he’s doing as well as activities and posts by K9s For Warriors.  (Remember, click on the image to view a larger version!)

What a difference 6 weeks makes!



Hanging around my office, then on the set at the ABET!


Love the sun streaks as he looks at his chauffeur.
Driving Mr. Ulysses.


I swear he thinks it’s his truck!


First trip to the human doctor’s office.


We are family!  I got all my sisters with me!


Ulysses first official K9s For Warriors Event!


We had to put the spare rolls of toilet paper up.
He became a thief.  Took the outside paper off, but didn’t shred the roll.

He could learn from Bella though…


Kristen and I got together and worked the pups where they could see one another and then switched dogs.  Mia is a 3 month old Collie.  Very sweet and very smart.



Lady Bella

Bella’s warrior, Melissa, refers to her as “Lady Bella,” so I will try to do the same. From everything I’ve seen and read, the pair seem to be doing well.  Her warrior has posted a few photos, which I’ve reposted for you here.


It is at Camp K9 and is open to the public!
If you’re not in NE Florida and want to attend, you can do so virtually as they stream every graduation live on Facebook.  I do not believe you have to be a FB user to view their page or their live stream.  Here’s the link to their FB page.  I hope many of you are able to join us.


The following are hijacked images from either K9s For Warriors or Warrior Melissa’s public posts.

On the left, Bella the day she and Melissa were matched.
On the left, tuckered out but helping with knitting therapy.




The ladies class at Fletcher High School in Jax Beach.  In the left photo, you can see Bella at Melissa’s feet, far left side next to the purple wall.


Fletcher High and then lunch at Sawgrass.


Bella in her big girl vest at Mellow Mushroom.




From K9s For Warriors FB Page





“Just one more week to go for this class. This AMAZING group of warrior-canine teams graduate on Thursday and we could not be more proud!”

Image may contain: 1 person, tree and outdoor

“Sunday Funday at Camp K9. Painting with a twist,
and each Warrior got to paint their dog.”

That sweet looking black lab sneaking a peek at the camera,
yep, that’s Lady Bella!

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, table and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor

“We thought you would all like to see the female class finished canvases that they painted of their Dogs. What a fun day, Thanks Kim Wells and Painting With a Twist for a really great day.?



KATHY is my adviser at K9s For Warriors.  She does so much for all of us in the puppy raiser program, and deserves the recognition for her hard work!  Imagine keeping up with 30+ puppy raisers, their pups (all different ages), young pups and their shots, any of the pups struggling with certain aspects of training, raisers going on vacation and needing someone to take their pup, etc.  I think herding cats would be easier than doing her job, but she does it all with a smile and words of encouragement!  



Big week ahead …. watching Bella graduate with her warrior, Melissa.
And a busy week for the little man, Ulysses.  Until then, be safe.


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