Weeks 9 and 10

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Happy Birthday, Ulysses!!!  The blonde boy turned 5 months old on Saturday.  We celebrated by delaying his bath until Sunday.  LOL

The weekend before his birthday, we had our every-other-week class.  They always schedule one on the weekend and one on a week night to hopefully avoid scheduling conflicts; because he hasn’t spent a lot of time having to be good around other dogs, we went to both of the classes.  When we first get there, he has to bark at the other dogs while he still in the truck, then act like a butt when we get out.  However, once we start working (and Momma has cheese), his focus is on me.  At 5 months old, I think he’s doing really well.  (Click on the photos below, then hover over to see the captions.)


After 5 months, I’ve finally “graduated” from physical therapy.  Bella was able to go with me for the first couple of months; then the Blonde Boy for the last couple.  Ryan (my physical therapist pictured below) asked me to please stop in and say Hi so he could see how Ulysses was doing.


Couple more pictures from week’s 9 and 10.

Waiting for his audition for Fiddler On The Roof!


Thank You ABET!!!

During the run of their most recent show, the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre ran a full page “ad” for K9s For Warriors.  Most appreciated!






A Post from Shari DuvalImage result for shari duval k9s for warriors

This is posted here with her permission.  Shari founded K9s for Warriors; shows what a mother’s love can do!

MARCH 2011——Brett my Son, Todd Galley (son-in-law) and I officially opened K9s for Warriors for non-profit business. Bob and I leveraged our money, bought a small house, with one acre. We had huge dreams and unbelievable challenges. How are we going to fund this? Where are we going to get warriors suffering from PTSD, where are we getting the dogs we need for Brett to train? It took me over a year to get our 501 3c , before this month 6 years ago. Brett and I went to the shelters looking for dogs, Todd helped set up our office. Friends helped create a logo, a web site, “Google”…LOL. Friends believed, Admiral Kevin Delaney Believed, family believed. Orland Wolford TBC retail believed, securing us our first “large chunk of money” to help us survive. I cleaned, cooked for the warriors, our first was “Daniel ” (I know you and the warriors). Our concept then , as is now, give them a real home for three weeks, respect honor, serve them, turn their lives around. Give them a reason to live after war. I spoke at every Rotary Club from here to Miami, Sandi Capra joined us, (thank you Sandi), she helped in Marketing our organization getting new donors. Slowly we grew, I do not even know how, yes I do……By The Grace of God. Then came the volunteers , first from the American Legion Post 233, then , Catharina (thank GOD for C), then my savior, OSCAR, still one of my best friends to this day. Without the volunteers, and Oscar , I was working 20 hours a day taking care of the Warriors, speeches, raising money, cooking, cleaning, the dogs…and No pay. LOL, I would do it all over again. I have seen Miracles, how many people can say that? True MIRACLES. TODAY, after 7 years of hard work, loving every minute, over 300 warrior/dog graduates, I will step down, and RETIRE. K9s is in good hands, I made sure of that. Unbelievable team. The mission remains the same, respect, honor, serve, and save lives. Yes, we have , and K9s will continue to do so. I remain on my Board, will still do many events, call on our major donors that are NOW DEAR FRIENDS, and say goodbye to “MY dream And passion”. Now the dream AND MISSION lives on with Rory, Brett, Jason, and our wonderful team. DON’T SCREW IT UP Guys….LOL. Mom is watching. Thank you God for allowing me this amazing journey, I am humbled. See you at Graduation tonight, my last, in my current role. Warrior Grads, you have my number, always here for you, ALWAYS. MOM



From K9s For Warriors FB Page










From Across the Web


Merrick Expands Partnership with K9s For Warriors

“Of our country’s 21.8 million veterans, one in five suffers from post-traumatic stress disability and struggle to return to civilian life,” said Shari Duval, president of K9s For Warriors. “Because of partners like Merrick, we’re able to give those warriors a chance to see the world again and build a life after combat, as well as, educate more people about the important role service dogs play in improving veterans’ lives.”

This is HUGE for K9s for Warriors!!!




Service dog changes Riverview veteran’s life

In addition to providing him with companionship, Leo pulls at Burton and makes him sit down whenever signs of TBI emerge.  “He relaxes me and puts his head on my heart when that happens, Burton said. “He’s helped shorten (the duration of) my symptoms from 30 minutes to about 15,” Burton said. “I’m sleeping better, and I don’t have as many nightmares, but when I do, Leo wakes me up. He goes everywhere I do.”




Orange County Young Republicans 2nd Annual “Brews for Barks” raises thousands for Vets

“This is a scary statistic a lot of people don’t know about.” said Orange County Young Republicans President Nick Primrose “Every veteran who has come through their program is still alive and it just shows the amazing work this organization is doing by providing veterans an alternative treatment method that is dependent on medication but the love and support of a canine.”  The event raised about $3,700 for K9’s for Warriors and the two year haul for the event has brought in about $6,200. Event organizers are planning on holding the event again next year.

During the program, many of the attendees took part in a #22pushup challenge…



Kate Upton & Fiancé Justin Verlander to Hold Pet Rescue Event

The supermodel and her baseballer beau started the event at his Detroit Tigers’ spring training facility in Lakeland in 2015, bringing together SPCA Florida, K9s for Warriors, Verlander’s Wins for Warriors and animal (and baseball!) fans. The SPCA will have numerous dogs available for adoption, while K9 for Warriors — which pairs veterans with pups — while bring some of its graduates to the family-friendly gathering.


Six Renewal by Andersen Locations Earn Leadership Awards

This year, six locations that worked in collaboration were recognized for their work with K9s for Warriors, a nationwide organization dedicated to providing service canines to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and/or military trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. The ceremony was held in January at the 2017 Renewal by Andersen Retailer Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif.



A Veteran and Star serve together

The Labrador and golden retriever mix was paired with Belluomini through the nonprofit K9s for Warriors. Star’s former owner was an active duty military member who donated her after being deployed.  “Three days after we met, Star woke me up from a nightmare,” Louis said. “Star and I were in tune very quickly. They said it sometimes takes six months for a veteran and dog to become in tune.”  Louis said Star can sense when he is having a nightmare and will nudge him awake with his nose.  “She also senses when I’m about to sleepwalk,” he said. “Then she lays on top of me and prevents me from doing it.”




My Dog Digs Dirt

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt  join me for an up close and personal look at  K9s For Warriors… started back in 2011.  This wonderful organization matches unwanted dogs with war veterans in need. My guest is Chief Marketing Officer, Tahoma Guiry

Use this link and click the play button to listen to the 15+ minute interview:

Pet Life Radio, Episode 31



Click on the photo below to go to the JMU album of Duke Photos.




Shari Duval Pairs Dogs with
Veterans Suffering From PTSD

From People magazine online, POSTED ON DECEMBER 12, 2013 AT 7:25AM EDT

That’s when a therapist told Brown about K9s for Warriors, a program begun by Florida grandmother Shari Duval, 68, who feared the same despondency in her formerly outgoing son, Brett Simon, after he returned from nine months in Iraq in 2005.  Duval’s idea after researching PTSD: Help her son and others by together matching service dogs – almost all rescue animals – with struggling vets.




Until next week, be safe.




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  1. I did 27 years in the Navy, but never in any real harms way. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone associated with this wonderful program.


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