Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Week 12? 

My how time flies.  The boy is growing, still growing, gaining an average of 2 pounds a week.  43.6 on Tuesday April 11th, which was his 22nd week birthday.  And his boy parts did a bit of growing during week 12 (new nickname: Fuzznuts) and with it came a healthy dose of self-confidence.  Noticeable changes in his reaction to people and other things.  It’s been almost 23 years since I had a boy puppy.  Quite a bit different!

It’s My SISTER!!!

On Monday, I had to drop the event kit off at Camp K9, and in the office was this fuzzy black pup.  “Is that Coal?”  “Why yes, it is.”  “Cool, I have her brother, Ulysses.  He’s out in the truck.”  “Oh, they so need to see each other!”  And what came next was puppy mayhem!  They were trying to jump on each other; Jan and I were constantly untangling the leashes.  A picture?  You want them to sit still for a picture?  Sure….  We did the best we could.  (Click and hover to read the captions.)



One of our outings during our 12th week was to Aveda Salon so Mom could get her hair done.  Ulysses was good throughout the appointment until Ilana fired up her blow dryer.  It’s a lot more powerful than mine, and he wasn’t too keen on it.  We also had lunch at Longhorn where I typically sit at the bar.  It was his first time having to behave with Mom sitting on a tall chair.  As is typical for him, after a few minutes he settled down and chilled the whole time.


The highlight of our week was most definitely going to the Jacksonville “Jumbo Shrimp”

Mia wasn’t too sure about this loud baseball thing.

game on Friday.   The Jumbo Shrimp is our minor league baseball team, and every Friday home game they are recognizing our military.  Fans who wear red (Remember Everyone Deployed) get $1 off their ticket price, and the now famous bat dog, Sgt Scampi, retrieves the bats during the bottom of the 3rd inning.  Of course you guessed it – Sgt Scampi is a service dog in training at K9s For Warriors!  He was definitely the crowd favorite last Friday.  Lots of fans asked about him at the K9s For Warriors table.




Sgt. Scampi visited the table before and after the 3rd inning!

Yes, we will have a table set up at each Friday night home game to help spread the word on what this wonderful organization is doing to help our veterans.  Ulysses and Mia (his little girlfriend) were the puppy representatives at the first Friday night game.  I was so proud of the boy – he
greeted everyone, let lots of people be his friend and pet him, and only really acted up when he saw another dog.  (That’s our biggest challenge now.)  With all the noise, loud speaker, clapping, people, food smells … dang, that’s a LOT for a puppy!  We’re going to go to as many of the Friday night home games as we can because it’s great training and a lot of fun!  Come support our team and say Hi to the folks at the table!




There were lots of folks from K9s for Warriors at the game, many with their families, and they would stop by the table to say Hi.  The little girl in the photo below is the daughter of one of the K9s guys.  I was so pleased at how gentle Ulysses was with her!

I give good kisses!


By Saturday, Ulysses was done.  In 12 weeks, he’s never once put himself to bed, but he did on Saturday!



The Jumbo Shrimp had a roving reporter before the game who was live on Facebook.  I edited 10 minutes out of their video and grabbed just the K9s for Warriors part.  He had the mic facing himself, so audio isn’t that good.  But you can see the Blonde Boy and his girlfriend!

Watch Sgt. Scampi retrieve the bat and run the bases!



K9s for Warriors

K9s has a blog that you can visit to read more about what’s going on and more about the program.  K9s Blog





If you’ve never been to Camp K9, this aerial shot gives you an idea of the campus.  It’s extremely impressive.  Last September (2016), the 2nd kennel was opened.  On the left side of the photo, there’s green lawn below the long building.  That’s where Kennel 2 is now.  (And the long building is Kennel 1.)  So much thought went into the campus design; pretty amazing.







From the Web

K9s for Warriors pooch signed on to be Jumbo Shrimp’s bat dog

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are about to start their season opening homestand and have added what some might say is their cutest player: Sgt. Scampi. …

Stryker to the rescue: Dog helps local veteran

Not long ago, Tiffany Bires couldn’t bear to enter a crowded store, go out into the community or even sit through an entire college class without being overwhelmed by anxiety. …

The Mobility Zone, Presented By Stryker, Set To Make Its First Ever Appearance At RBC Heritage

Finally, fans will also have the opportunity to show their support for the military. Within The Mobility Zone, Stryker will be offering hats for sale to benefit K9s For Warriors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing service canines to military veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury or other military trauma as a result of military service post 9/11. …




Until next week, be safe.



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