Double Trouble!

Week 19 started with a Memorial Day 5k to benefit K9s for Warriors.  Ulysses and I worked the table, so we were there bright and early at 6:30am. Met some really nice folks, and Ulysses learned more about behaving around other dogs.  Mia and Sammy were at the event as well!



Training class was at the Nocatee Publix. We walked through the freezer section and meet section to see if there was any reaction to the compressors.  Opened and closed freezer doors. Kathy dropped treats on the floor so we could work “Leave It”. She also dressed in a crazy hat, sunglasses and used a cane to see if the dogs reacted in a negative way … or even paid her any attention at all. Coaxed them all up on the scale since it’s a different type of surface, and none too stable. The pic below is outside at the end of class. One of the Publix employees pushed a bunch of carts by us … that was Ulysses’ reaction.





Meet Maggie

Our puppy raiser program is growing but not quite fast enough. On June 1st, K9s received 2 black lab puppies, 9 weeks old, and no where to put them.  I guess my friend Kristen and I are both a wee bit crazy because we told Kathy that even though we had older pups, we could take them until permanent raisers were found. So, Ulysses has a buddy, and my girls (Diva and Dakotah) get a break from playing with him.



First Pack Photo!



Maggie’s first few days with us.

Click on the photo to see it larger…






The Epen was no match for her





Be My Neighbor Day at WJCT

Maggie and Garcia started their journey towards their warriors by participating in WJCT’s Be My Neighbor Day at their studios downtown. Kristen and I spent over 4 hours talking to kids and parents about K9s for Warriors, dogs, and not waking up sleeping puppies. Maggie slept through most of the event, while Garcia wiggled in Kristen’s arms/lap. (In the pics, Garcia is sporting his patriotic bowtie.)










From the Web….


Shari Duval, founder of K9s for Warriors, along wtih Shirley Webb and Mai Dinh Keisling were the 2017 EVE Award winners.  (Click on the photo to read the article.)




Thank you for your service, LaWanna! We appreciate you and your commitment to the red, white, and blue.



McLean Raybon and his service dog Merrick.  News interview here:




There is an epidemic destroying the lives of our veterans; it goes by the name of PTSD. We need help saving our heroes. June is #PTSDAwarenessMonth. Spread the word!





Check out this video featuring warrior #testimonials on how K9s For Warriors and service dogs change lives.


Local veteran returns home with new service dog

Justin Redifer just returned home from a three-week training program with his new service dog, Scout. It wasn’t love at first sight, however. “I’m 6’1, almost 200 pounds,” remarked Redifer. “There is no way this dog is going to pick me up. But I was wrong.”



Until next time, be safe.
This blog covers May 29 – June 4, 2017